Season Ends: Net Changes?

Season Ends: Net Changes?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets\’ season (34-48) of the \”changing of the guard\” came to a merciful close for Nets\’ fans Wednesday night. It ended where it essentially began: With a loss to the Boston Celtics.

It should be recalled that the Nets\’ campaign began to \’head South\’ when Vince Carter crumpled to the ground in pain against the \’men in green\’ early on. The team never recovered and Jason Kidd\’s disaffection with the situation only made things worse.

On the positive side of the ledger, the Nets made some much needed changes and everyone from Vince Carter to Nenad Krstic will get a chance to heal in an early start to this offseason. While much had been said and written about it (the offseason), only time will tell if the moves that are made, if any, restore the franchise to credibility.*

My view is that that there\’s plenty of talent on the roster and the team could win \”big\” with the current cast given a training camp and another year under it. Then again, some major or minor adjustments, may be in order. A lot depends on what is done.

For my part, I think the team ought to try and retain its free agent talent (like Diop and Nachbar) within reason. Then, perhaps, match any offers for Nenad.

Finally, whatever the team does, it shouldn\’t do anything unless it clearly improves the talent base and chemistry of the ball club. The Nets have a lot of assets and will need to use them wisely.

For example, there\’s been rumor of Richard Jefferson (another Scottie Pippen on the right ball club) and Marcus Williams (a great passer and floor general that has a nice touch from the perimeter … whom I think will end up as coveted as Deron Williams) potentially being moved. Both are extremely valuable players. Al Thornton, Elton Brand (very risky due to his achilles) and three first round picks wouldn\’t be enough for them.

I have my own proprietary views of what it\’d take to fix the Nets, but Bruce Ratner\’d have to personally e-mail me for the particulars. In the meantime, bear in mind that I\’m not enamored of this draft.

A good GM will come away with value and a few long-range nuggets from this crop, but it is thin. The draft is spotty with few real impact players. This is where management earns its money. Stay tuned …

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