Season Kick Off

Season Kick Off

By: NBASCOUT / Special to nets

The 2008-2009 NBA season gets underway tomorrow for the New Jersey Nets. With a solid training camp under their belts and an interesting preseason in the books, in an election year such as this, it is only fitting that the \’new look Nets,\’ with a whole new roster and an entirely revamped front line, kick it off in the nation\’s capitol Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards. Tip-off is at 7:00pm, and the game will be broadcast on the YES Network.*

While all eyes are on the run for the White House these days, those of you watching or attending will be treated to a pleasant diversion from the typical political fare in the form of a regular season basketball game. Instead of choosing between the myriad fresh new faces for political office on the ballot, you can choose your favorite new players on the Nets. Moreover, it should be an exciting new season for this young Net\’s team filled with promise. The only thing sure about the starting lineup tomorrow, though, is that PG Devin Harris will man the point alongside SG Vince Carter. The rest is subject to change.

While it is Coach Lawrence Frank\’s game time decision, and some players have been hurt, I suspect he\’ll go with Josh Boone or Brook Lopez at Center tomorrow night along with Olympian Yi Jianlian at PF and Bobby Simmons at SF. The key is finding a lineup he can win consistently with.

If the goal is to win as many games as possible and sneak into the postseason, then Coach Lawrence Frank will have to put his best players on the floor most of the time, even if some are rookies. Of course, cohesion, chemistry and being able to find a way to win are paramount, but the sooner he figures out which combinations work best, the better off the team will be. A settled working rotation and substitution pattern will do wonders – whether it is 7 or 11 deep.

While it is obviously Coach Frank\’s decision, I tend to think that a starting lineup featuring rookie C Brook Lopez (while Josh Boone is sorting out the arrhythmia issue) and rookie PF Ryan Anderson opposite SF Yi Jianlian/Bobby Simmons, SG Vince Carter and PG Devin Harris might evolve into one of the better ones. You\’ve got to start winning as soon as possible.

Eventually, I\’d like to see if Vince Carter can slide over to his natural SF position on occasion in a lineup featuring rookie C Brook Lopez, rookie PF Ryan Anderson and rookie SG Chris Douglas-Roberts alongside PG Devin Harris. All that offensive firepower on the floor at the same time will put a lot of pressure on defenses forcing them to guard all five positions. Of course, it only works if someone plays defense. Therefore, you\’d need liberal doses of C Josh Boone, PF/C Sean Williams and Combo-Guard Keyon Dooling to supplement the mix along with PF/SF Yi Jianlian.

In any event, it should be a lot of fun watching this team grow and realize its potential. Stay tuned!

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