Stocking Stuffers

\’Tis the season. Without further ado, I offer you some stocking stuffers this holiday season for New Jersey:

BRUCE RATNER: A quick end to legal challenges and a fast exit to Brooklyn in 2008-2009; An NBA title; An NBA dynasty.

BRETT YORMARK: More fans in the seats at IZOD; More corporate endorsements for products in \’08-09; Naming rights to each player\’s offspring!*

ROD THORN: A winning streak; A good Interim Personnel Director; The courage to sign both C Jackie Butler and SF Ruben Patterson to flesh out the last two roster spots and replace Mile Ilic and Bernard Robinson; And for them to play like Moses Malone and Cedric Maxwell to get New Jersey back to the finals.

LAWRENCE FRANK: Fewer people \’breathing down his neck;\’ More love; Less pain; Some Rogaine; A winning streak; Jason Collins to have a breakout year; Nenad Krstic to return from Lourdes a new man; a Psychic Healer for Nenad Krstic; Jackie Butler and Ruben Patterson to replace Mile Ilic and Bernard Robinson; Cliff Robinson returning from Ponce De Leone.

JASON KIDD: Happiness; More years on his contract here or elsewhere; Moses Malone in his prime; Ruben Patterson and Jackie Butler; A shot at a ring; John Stockton\’s longevity.

VINCE CARTER: To finally be recognized as a winner; To earn a ring; To be appreciated as the best dunker in the history of the game; To finally escape Michael Jordan\’s shadow; To win a finals MVP trophy.

RICHARD JEFFERSON: To be an all-Star; to be recognized as another Scottie Pippen; to have more rings than Scottie; To be appreciated for his leadership; To be valued as the backbone of the Nets.

JOSH BOONE: As many minutes as he can handle; Recognition for his hard work; Rick Barry to tutor him on free throwing; A stronger finish; Charlie Villanueva\’s shooting prowess.

SEAN WILLIAMS: Rookie of the Year honors; To win a title in his first year in the league; An all-around offensive repertoire; The record for blocked shots in a season; Personal happiness.

BOSTJAN NACHBAR: Consistency; Health; Sixth Man recognition; Happiness; To be part of a title-winner; And a big fat contract.

MARCUS WILLIAMS: Physical health; Happiness; To be all that he can be; A breakout season ala Deron Williams.

ANTOINE WRIGHT: To be what he was drafted for; A knock-down shooter; A great defender; And an MLE recipient at years\’ end.

MALIK ALLEN: To become dead-eye confident in his shooting; To land a bigger contract than Mikki Moore at year\’s end.

JASON COLLINS: To win; To enjoy Christmas; To put up the numbers he did in college; To be elected President.

JAMAAL MAGLOIRE: To show that the Big Cat still has it; That he\’s an all-Star in sheep\’s clothing; That he\’s worth twice as much as what he\’s getting; To get playing time.

DARRELL ARMSTRONG: To find a home in Jersey; To enjoy his Christmas; To get James Posey to buy his family gifts.

NENAD KRSTIC: To get married; Stay in Jersey; Come back 100%; And land a $50mil contract.

GARY SUSSMAN: Not to pine away for Ed; And to learn to blog in English – not code!

NBASCOUT is an independent freelance sportswriter that covers the NBA and the New Jersey Nets. He is not affiliated with the National Basketball Association. Copyright 2007 by NBASCOUT, all rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written consent of the author. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily this website. You may e-mail NBASCOUT in care-of his wife, who writes for children, at

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