Tentative Deal Reached: Believe It or Not!

Tentative Deal Reached: Believe It or Not!

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Cooler heads and sensible minds have prevailed. The latest reports surfacing about the tortured trade that Dallas and New Jersey have been trying to work out for some time now has a new configuration. It appears that the original trade will remain intact with the retired Keith Van Horn and Trenton Hassell replacing Devean George and Jerry Stackhouse.*

Subject to league approval, after a conference call with the league office on Monday, and pending any more last minute complications that could still scuttle the deal, the Nets will now be sending Jason Kidd and Malik Allen to Dallas for Devin Harris, Desagana Diop, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell, Keith Van Horn, two first round draft picks (2008 & 2010) and cash ($3mil). While I\’ll believe it when it becomes official, at least this arrangement looks like it might have some legs.

The most intriguing aspect is whether Keith Van Horn would be inspired to stay on and play for the Nets after having a chance to come back to the team that he enjoyed much success with before he was sent away. If that were to happen, it would kindle a lot of nostalgia in a fan base that miss him and will certainly miss Jason Kidd.

Still, Dallas got exactly what it needed since losing Steve Nash. They got the best player in the entire transaction: Jason Kidd. Many feel that Kidd is better than Nash who was the two-time league MVP.

Whatever the case, Dallas will now make a quantum leap because of Jason\’s impact and the way he makes the game easier for others. With a \”Big Four\” of Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard and Jason Terry, I would lay better than even odds that Dallas may end up earning its first Larry O\’Brien Trophy! With Kidd at the controls, you can never rule it out! Cuban may bless the day he made this trade.

By contrast, for New Jersey\’s part, they\’ll be able to \”move on\” and rebuild after the Kidd era closes. That is, of course, once the trade is complete and the league announces that this transaction is finally official!

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