The Coaching Dilemma

The Coaching Dilemma

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

With the actual draft looming and free agency on the horizon now that the lottery is over and done with, Nets President/GM Rod Thorn is in position to make the hard decisions about who should fill the coaching vacancy, whom to draft and what to do about free agents that may wish to join the team. While there are many imponderables and uncertainties to consider, such as, which coach some free agent might like to play for, I think you can\’t let that determine your decision.*

In the matter of a coach, I would say that if you can\’t get soon-to-be free agent and current Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, then go with former Dallas Mavericks Coach Avery Johnson.

Current Celtics Assistant Coach Tom Thibodeau is a very intriguing prospect as well and will make a fine head coach somewhere, but I think it is time to end the speculation and just bring in Avery.

He happens to be available now, is familiar with PG Devin Harris from his days in Dallas and because both the Lakers and Celtics are currently embroiled in a playoff run that seems headed towards a finals showdown, you won\’t be able to truly consider the alternative candidates until the season is over. So, as they say, \”bust a move.\”

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