The Kidd Dilemma

The Kidd Dilemma

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

East Rutherford, NJ, Dec. 7 — Star Point-Guard, Jason Kidd, sat out the last game against the New York Knickerbockers with a migraine headache. The Nets lost!

In the aftermath of that loss, much has been said or written about Jason Kidd and his reasons for not being there. Kidd himself said it was a migraine.

Well, you have to take a man at his word. That\’s how I treat the matter.

For all we know, Jason may have merely wanted to give the Marbury-led Knicks, along with embattled Coach Isiah Thomas, a break. After all, how can you beat up on a team like the Steph-less Knicks when its star Point-Guard just lost his father to a sudden heart-attack?

It would seem a bit cruel and heartless to show up even. That\’s probably why the Knicks caught a break.

Further, it\’s not as if Coach Isiah Thomas had not been on record as saying that \”coaching in New York is like being on death row!\” Indeed, if that doesn\’t give you a pang about beating up on such a team, what will?

Speculation, though, continues to run rampant about why Jason was out! Some of it concerns whether he\’s unhappy, wants to be traded or merely wants another big payday after his current contract expires in the summer of 2009.

Whatever the case, you have to look to the star athlete himself for answers.* Jason claims that he\’s happy, that he hasn\’t asked to be traded and that his agent is, in fact, engaged in discussions with Nets management about extending his contract.

Nets management has said that Jason was out due to illness. The team doesn\’t deny that discussion has been ongoing about extending Jason\’s contract, but per policy refuses to comment about the particulars of any such matters.

So, what seems out of the ordinary? Nothing, really!

It\’s just that so many in the media have been waiting to pounce on a Jason Kidd going elsewhere story that they couldn\’t control themselves. We have it before any such reality exists.

The reality is that Jason Kidd is a triple-double machine. He is at the peak of his game. As one of the fifty best players of all time, he is a one-of-a-kind treasure to the Nets or any other team that would gladly have him.

Jason Kidd can single-handedly bring credibility to any ball club. He can direct a team to victory-after-victory like no other.

Jason is a full court maestro in the mold of Magic Johnson. He\’s got the heart of a John Havlicek. His stamina will allow him to be productive like John Stockton was until well past the age of 41.

Recall how the Jordan-era Bulls won title-after-title with a 37 year old Point-Guard that came over from the Los Angeles Clippers? That\’s how Jason would affect the Los Angeles Lakers. By the way, Jason\’s only: 34.

Kobe & Co. would automatically be candidates for another NBA title. Ditto for the Dallas Mavericks. Ever since they lost Steve Nash, they haven\’t been the same.

All of the foregoing is about some of the teams that others have earmarked Jason for. Of course, Jason isn\’t going anywhere.

The Nets didn\’t reject his request for a one-year extension out of hand. There\’s been discussion as to what is suitable and sensible for the team and it is entirely likely that Jason Kidd finishes his career with the Nets.

On the other hand, if teams want Jason so badly, they\’ll have to pay a premium for him. They\’ll have a hard time prying him loose from New Jersey.

Interested teams will have to part with a lot. The Nets will return to their old losing ways for a long while before they turn it around, if ever.

Jason is worth a king\’s ransom and no realistic team can expect to get him for trinkets and baubles. If he lands in Los Angeles, expect a Bynum, Odom, Crittenton and Farmar package along with two first round draft picks in the least.

If he lands in Dallas, then expect a similar package. Cleveland would have to part with King James.

Say, would Jason consider Sacramento? They would have to part with the entire roster.

In any event, all of this is sheer speculation. It is now time for it to be put to rest!

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