The NBA Draft And Other Things

The NBA Draft

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Getting back to basketball and what may be done to improve the Nets? Apart from filling any coaching vacancy with someone worthy if need be, the draft looms. As I mentioned, there are three players that will turn out to be good. One has the potential to be one of the best ever but will have to work for it. Another will be very good off the bat. Yet, a third will likely succeed to be a good player but comes with issues that may require special handling.

In any event, if the Nets land one of the top picks they might consider sliding down a notch or two and picking up the best player for their needs while gaining draft choices, players or other considerations. If they pick number four, I\’d slide down much further and do the same. A lot depends on how the balls fall.*

There are a lot of directions the team can move in depending on the priorities. For example, if incoming owner Mike Prokhorov wants to be the next George Steinbrenner or Jerry Jones, then the Nets management should act accordingly. On the other hand, if he wants to be like Paul Allen or Mark Cuban, well, that\’s another story.

There are ways to succeed with differing priorities, but many ways to fail. Does Mikhail care about building net worth or ongoing profitability? Is it about building the brand or increasing his personal profile? The move [to Brooklyn] alone will make the team instantly profitable.

Does he want to retain existing management or bring in foreign? Does he want more Euro-players or home-grown?

These are only questions that Mr. P can answer. Whatever the case, management needs to decide on coaching, management and players. They need a strategy for approaching trade opportunities, the draft and free agency.

If Memphis would match any offer for Rudy Gay, I\’d try to put together something attractive for a Sign and Trade. By no means do the Nets have to part with any of their core keepers in order to make a deal.

Brook Lopez and Terrence Williams are untouchables. Nor would I let any team like the Lakers sweet talk me out of a valuable all-Star caliber player like Devin Harris for peanuts.

Prokhorov\’s deep pockets ensure that they can bring in free agents that\’ll fill any glaring needs and improve the talent base enough to get it over the hump without giving away talent. Many fine players exist on the roster as it stands and the Nets need superior coaching and more experience together to win.

Next season should be a success if management isn\’t paralyzed and ownership is functional during the offseason. Any undue delay in the transfer or sale of the team may result in waiting \’til next offseason.

None the less, if you have the opportunity to improve your team without compensation and add a high-quality player (read: franchise impact), sometimes you gamble. What else to say?

LeBron may not be going anywhere (especially if he doesn\’t win a title this year) so the Nets may as well focus on their second tier strategy from the get go. Why chase the dream when a bird in hand is worth two in the bush?

As I said, there are many ways to go about rebuilding a winner. I don\’t get paid to make the decisions. The key is to invest well and make few mistakes along the way.

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