The Nets Make Some More Moves

Farmar In The Fold

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets reached agreement with 23 year old Lakers back-up PG Jordan Farmar. Farmar has a lot of big game experience winning championships with the Lakers and going deep in the playoffs.*

Farmar also went to the finals in college. If any of that rubs off on the Nets, it\’ll be a good thing.

The signing of Farmar, Petro, Outlaw and Morrow (if the Warriors don\’t match) plugs a few holes for depth and shooting. The last gaping need is an experienced, starting quality power forward to play in front of Favors while he develops.

All of the top tier have been claimed and now you must look for the hidden gems or develop your own. As the season gets underway in what may be the post-Thorn era, better opportunities will likely present to shore up the position in trade.

Bosh, Stoudemire and Boozer are off the market. Tyrus Thomas is back with the Bobcats, the Rockets look like they\’ll put up a fight for Luis Scola and Udonis Haslem is being pursued aggressively by the Mavericks and may take less to remain with the Heat.

What\’s left? Ian Mahinmi, Oleksiy Pecherov and possibly Patrick O\’Bryant.

The Mavericks are pursuing former Spurs C/PF Mahinmi along with Haslem. I think the Nets can beat Dallas\’ $1.9M offer to Mahinmi and I could see the Nets offering more right away if they were interested.

I don\’t know what\’s wrong with PF/C Patrick O\’Bryant, but I hope that he realizes some of his promise coming out of college one day. Another way to go is for the Nets to flesh out their remaining roster slot with PF/C Connor Atchley (an undrafted rookie that impressed very much in Summer League).

UFA PF Shelden Williams, a Duke product, could be a possibility as well. The Nets could also play what they have starting Kris Humphries until Derrick Favors is ready to step in with someone like Atchley or Williams or Mahinmi (if the Nets are interested) as back-up or alternative starters.

Former Sixers GM Billy King is reportedly still in play as a replacement for Rod Thorn. Bobby Marks looks ready to assume the GM duties, but nothing is etched in stone.

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