The Nets Sign Petro, Go After Morrow, Offer Farmar and Haslem

The Nets Make Some More Moves

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

The Nets are still searching for a President and Mikhail Prokhorov reportedly expects to interview candidates for the position next week. Could former Memphis GM Jerry West be in the mix? He would be a good choice for the Presidency.* Former Trailblazers GM Mike Pritchard wouldn\’t be bad as his GM.

The Nets reached agreement with a decent 24 year old, 7-1 backup Center named Johan Petro, formerly of the Nuggets and Sonics. He came over from France originally and his 3yr and $10mil contract makes sense. They also have a 3yr and $12mil offer sheet on the table to RFA Warriors SG Anthony Morrow in another low risk move.

The Nets dumped reasonably priced, young talent with upside in SG/SF Chris Douglas-Roberts and PF Yi Jianlian for basically nothing to make cap room for LeBron. They did get a low second round pick for CDR and end-of-bench defensive presence in veteran G Quinton Ross (whom I like) for Yi, but that hardly will make up for the lost production from the players they moved. Adequate replacements almost always cost more.

I think the Nets might flesh out their remaining roster slots with RFA PG Jordan Farmar (a good backup for Devin Harris) and/or PF/C Connor Atchley (an undrafted rookie that impressed me very much in Summer League who might replace Ryan Anderson as Brook Lopez\’s buddy). I also think that NJ native C Brian Zoubek will be a solid reserve given his training by Duke Coach Mike Kryzewski.

UFA PF Shelden Williams, another Duke product, is also a possibility. I also happen to like big PG Jarrett Jack who Toronto has had available as a change of pace to Devin Harris. Maybe the Nets can take Hedo Turkoglu\’s contract off of Toronto\’s hands for a package of Turkoglu and Jack and some picks from Toronto to make it palatable.

Reliable 30 year old veteran Houston PF Luis Scola is worth bringing aboard depending on what it\’ll take, but the Rockets also have well-rounded rookie PF Patrick Patterson from the draft and may not cling that tightly to Scola. Either one of the aformentioned PFs is okay in my book.

Spending money bringing PF Viktor Khryapa to the Nets might make some sense and would add a continental European flavor that could mix well with what the Nets need. I thought he had potential coming into this league originally and he certainly showed it overseas. If it translates, Khryapa could be a reasonable option for New Jersey.

As for Andrei Kirilenko also known as AK-47? Wait until he is a free agent if you are interested.

PF Emeka Okafor is too risky for what he brings and never seems to live up to expectations. I would look elsewhere. Ditto for Derek Fisher from the Lakers. He never plays anywhere as well after he leaves Kobe.

Former Sixers GM Billy King is reported to be interviewing as a replacement for Rod Thorn. The Nets should look elswhere, unless this is the \”King\” they had in mind to sign.

Update 7.11.10 @ 2:00pm ET:

The Nets priority was a star PF that could play in front of rookie Favors until he is ready to start. Rumor has it that the Nets are preparing a \”big money\” offer for RFA Luis Scola.

Rod Thorn insists he\’s resigining – not retiring – and that he\’d like to take up the challenge of helping another team if it\’s out there. In the meantime, the Nets search for replacements for Mr. Thorn and/or Mr. Vandeweghe continue.

Another priority has been a backup PG when Devin goes down. The position needs to be quality three deep in order for the Nets to weather any downtime.

I think the Nets are better off utilizing the lion\’s share of their room under the cap for the major star quality personnel that can make a difference at key positions rather than only paying top dollar to fill many holes by loading up too much on second or third tier personnel with upside.

It can add up quickly. You\’ll have nice depth, but you\’ll lack sufficient all-Star caliber starting personnel at key positions.

There needs to be a balance between the two, but favoring superior talent. Moreover, your best personnel should come via the draft.

Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Shaq, Kobe and many others came via the draft. Few great players ever change addresses. This year was an exception.

Finally, there are many holes that can be filled adequately with less costly personnel that went undrafted, foreign talent, second rounders that never had a chance to shine and even D-Leaguers that may be hidden gems that have something to prove. Why overpay too much and clog the payroll with too many players that never realized their potential and may not?

Of course, it is okay to speculate on the upside of some players. It works out sometimes.

It is less risky then getting stuck with big contracts on lame players you can\’t move, but too much of it won\’t get you where you want to be.

It is good to consult your coach as to the kind of players he likes, especially, if he has a good eye or sense for talent, but he\’s too busy coaching to be aware of what\’s out there full time and you need personnel types like R.C. Buford, Sam Presti, Mitch Kupchak and others that know talent and correctly evaluate it in order to provide the coaching staff with superior talent whether they want it or not.

Update 7.11.10 @ 8:35pm ET:

The press is reporting that the Nets have offers on the table for both Jordan Farmar (3yr & 12M) and Udonis Haslem (3yr & 20M). Each comes from solid programs and should render quality service to the Nets.

Haslem will be a fine mentor for Favors. Farmar\’s quickness should keep the pressure on opposing teams when Harris is resting or down.

Update 7.12.10 @ 3:01pm ET:

Former Lakers RFA PG Jordan Farmar is in the fold. He agreed to a three year deal for $12mil. More on this later.

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