What\’s Wrong With A Euro Big Man With Skills?

The Power Forward Dilemma

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

If last season\’s title run by the Dallas Mavericks proved anything, it is that you can surround one superstar with a strong supporting cast and still beat a team with three superstars, two arguably the best to ever play their positions.

What it means for New Jersey is that you can win with less if you know how to make it more. Put another way, the sum of the whole can be bigger than the sum of the parts.*

Everybody in the NBA is looking to create the best \”Big Three\” collection of superstars to win a title. Dallas had the best overall talent evenly distributed and one great superstar: Dirk Nowitzki.

Dallas\’ Coach, Rick Carlyle, also outcoached his opposition when it boiled right down to it, but the \”Big Two\” prevailed: Nowitizki & Co. It was a title series for the ages.

Now it seems that the Nets have been searching for a Power Forward replacement ever since they let Kenyon \”K-Mart\” Martin abscond to Denver in free agency. Now, granted, he was a great part of the Nets that made it to the finals and brought a certain swagger with him, but it was fortunate for the Nets that they let him depart before his knees eventually gave out.

That said, I\’ve often wondered if the Nets were punished for letting him go? Since, they\’ve not been able to put an all-Star PF at the 4.

If the Nets can pair up Brook Lopez (or Dwight Howard should it come to that) with a star PF via the draft, in-trade or else wise, then it will mark the first time they\’ve done that since K-Mart left.

These players are out there. Some are vintage veterans, some are emerging young players and others are all-Stars already or waiting to be drafted. All the Nets have to do is acquire one, sooner or later.

PF Kris Humphries is a solid double-double machine (nothing to sneeze at), but he isn\’t an all-Star yet. If he could extend his range like David Lee, maybe he has a chance, but the Nets need a Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki type to pair alongside Brook (or Dwight) as the case may be!

If the Nets don\’t find one soon enough in order to keep Deron around, then I will suggest they put Owner/PF/C Mikhail Prokhorov at the position.

I know they\’ll get an honest effort. No one wants to win more and, of course, the wing positions will take care of themselves.

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