Where To Go From Here Pt 2

Mulling Moves

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

As the Nets moved from the Jason Kidd era to the Deron Williams, they were a little slow in moving an aging Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson-post ankle surgery.

While the Nets got value for each, they got the most for Jason Kidd. Vince Carter yielded swingman Courtney Lee, but they had to part with Brook Lopez\’s buddy PF Ryan Anderson. *

I would rather have made that trade without swapping Ryan Anderson for Courtney Lee. The Nets needed 4s. Similarly, I would not have been so quick to dump PF Yi Jianlian after swapping SF Richard Jefferson for him, though I understand the motivation for the transaction.

Also, when Miami wanted to trade SF Michael Beasley to the Nets, I was very tempted to take that trade and find another way to free up cap space if there was realistically any chance to acquire the services of LeBron James.

While the Nets were focused on the bluest of blue chips, other emerging players were being overlooked that were snapped up while the \’wait\’ was on.

One example was SF Rudy Gay. The other was PF David Lee. David could spread the floor and complement Brook in so many ways.

Another example is that while the Nets were waiting on Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic were busy signing Glen \”Big Baby\” Davis at the behest of Dwight. That could keep Dwight in Orlando.

The Nets could have drafted (or signed in free agency) this unique player, Glen Davis, instead of PF Sean Williams (a marvelously gifted athlete with issues) who is no longer in the league. [Incidentally, since Billy King likes to stock the roster with the \”Williams\” surname – not a bad idea – perhaps he\’d consider bringing Sean back from Israel and Marcus back from Russia?]

All told, however, you have to seize your opportunities. If Dwight wants to play for the Nets, he will, but it\’s complicated. Make the easier, lower-risk deals first while waiting for the tougher ones to materialize.

The Nets should also take note that former SF Richard Jefferson routinely outplayed SF Andrei Kirilenko, but AK-47 is familiar to Deron. I\’d rather have SF Michael Beasley right now than either player, but the Nets lost the opportunity to pick up this highly drafted distressed asset when Miami was clearing space for the LBJ, Bosh and Wade coup.

I haven\’t seen former Net SF Boki Nachbar of late, but his game reminds me of AK-47s. He never got a chance to play the 3 as he can, but played very well all around. I like his toughness. He can be one of the shooters surrounding Deron.

Finally, there are many choices out there. You have to seize your opportunities. I\’m glad Billy acquired Deron.

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