Where To Go From Here?

Offseason Thoughts

By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

Depending on what the Goodbye New Jersey and Hello Brooklyn braintrust has in mind to do this offseason, it will likely make or break the Nets for some time. Therefore, it is critical for GM Billy King and Coach Avery Johnson to bring aboard key personnel (whether by trade, free agency or otherwise) that will improve the fortunes of this franchise in an immediate sense, if they can. *

This only holds if the Nets can be sure of retaining the services of franchise-PG Deron Williams. If not, I think you head in another direction.

As a consequence, I think you sit down with Deron Williams and his agent as soon as possible and sound out his feelings about remaining with the franchise. After all, the team gave up a lot for him and he\’s only played 12 games for the Nets and may leave after the next 66 notwithstanding what the Nets might offer in order to retain his services.

If Deron is unwilling to commit long term to a maximum contract equal to what the Nets might offer in free agency, then why expect him to re-sign once he\’s a free agent? It\’s a signal of uncertainty and possibly a desire to play elsewhere. In that case, maybe you take Dwight Howard and picks for Deron?

Building around someone who may not be around is like, as someone put it, buying furniture for a new penthouse before signing the lease. You need a commitment from Deron to make it all happen or why buy the furniture?

The Nets need more defense, rebounding and scoring. They should go after well-rounded defensive minded players that can do all of the foregoing.

There\’s been talk of Boki Nachbar\’s return. If the Nets want to bring back 31-year-old SF Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar as a spot up shooter, he could probably help. I haven\’t seen his play since he went to Europe, but he was a crowd favorite whose game fit when he was here.

If the Nets try to acquire SG Aaron Afflalo and SF Luc Mbah a Moute, the Nets will have players, including PG Jordan Farmar, familiar with each other from their college days. That could be a plus.

Seasoned, 35-year-old PF Tim Duncan could upgrade the team right away. PFs Glen Davis and Josh McRoberts are young players with upside potential as well. 22-year-old C DeAndre Jordan also intrigues.

There are other names worth considering as well. Try: SF Thaddeus Young. A lot depends on the \’price tag\’ after you get over the \’sticker shock.\’

I think the Nets need to decide how they\’re going to structure their roster and what fits into their plans. A lot also depends on what they\’re able to actually obtain in the real world market for talent.

My short list is ready. I know what I would do, but I\’m curious to see what GM Billy King does.

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