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By: NBASCOUT / Special to netsinteractive.com

The Nets are actively seeking to line up a successor for President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Rod Thorn when he steps down. Candidates currently under consideration include Nets Vice President of Basketball Operations Bobby Marks, Thunder GM Sam Presti, Hornets GM Jeff Bower and Pistons President Joe Dumars. The latter two were interviewed Saturday according to reports. *

The successor to Rod Thorn is a critical hire that\’ll go a long way in determining the team\’s future success. It can\’t be a popularity contest nor should the decision be made without careful deliberation.

Whoever steps into that role has to be able to make the hard decisions that\’ll ensure the team\’s success moving forward. Savvy, skill, acumen, contacts and experience all play an important part in who should be selected.

For my money, of those under consideration, I\’m partial to Bobby Marks, Sam Presti or Joe Dumars. I also like Rick Sund. Jeff Bower is an able executive, but I don\’t like everything he did down in New Orleans. Joe Dumars has been one of my long-time favorites. He is very talented, but I was disappointed in what has happened in Detroit of late since the team peaked under Coach Larry Brown bringing home another Larry O\’Brien Trophy. That doesn\’t mean Joe can\’t succeed under the right conditions.

Young Sam Presti has done a very good job in Oklahoma. His Spurs pedigree and view of what it takes to build a lasting winner is very much up there on my list. I like the way he goes about building a winner and it is in line with my kind of thinking.

As for Bobby Marks, I think he deserves enormous consideration. I wouldn\’t object to his hire. An internal promotion shouldn\’t be out of the question. I\’m inclined to feel that he can work out very well. He just lacks the actual experience in the top job, though he\’s probably been very invaluable and instrumental to Mr. Thorn as his right hand so far.

So, what about current Hawks GM Rick Sund? Well, when the GM position came open upon former Nets GM Ed Stefanski\’s departure for Philadelphia, I also tossed into the ring the name of current Hawks GM Rick Sund. I don\’t know that Atlanta would allow him to interview for the Nets job assuming there is any interest on his part, but he is a seasoned hand and someone that I\’ve also admired and respected for his steadiness during the course of the years.

That, of course, brings us to the best candidate: Me! Of course, who needs the gray hair? I\’d rather go into the mining business in Russia, but this about sums up the candidates under discussion.

P.S., If there are two positions open, President and GM, I think you can put someone like Sam Presti in one, Joe Dumars in the other and keep Bobby Marks on in his position with a hefty raise. Of course, the only position I\’ll consider is Special Advisor to Ownership (behind the scenes).

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