You\’ve Got To Be Kidding?

You\’ve Got To Be Kidding?

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Jason Kidd\’s name was in play again today. Ever since his famous migraine at Madison Square Garden, it has ben popping up here and there. All the same, it doesn\’t appear that anyone is seriously interested in acquiring his services.

Obviously, some believe they might be able to entice the Nets to part with Jason for mere trinkets and baubles. To say the least, the offers have been underwhelming.*

Take, for example, the latest on the topic by erstwhile basketball pundit Peter Vescey. He floats a rumor that the Lakers are interested in Kiddnapping Jason for the trifling sum of \”Kwame Brown\’s expiring contract ($9M), Jordan Farmar ($1M) and Vladimir Radmanovic ($5.6M with an additional $19.2M over the next three seasons).\”

Substitute Bynum for Brown, Javaris Crittenton for Farmar, Sasha Vujacic for Radmanovic and throw in Lamar Odom and Jordan Farmar to make the numbers work and then … maybe we\’re talking.

Farmar is a speedy, but undersized backup. Brown is a part-time player that has been a major over-priced disappointment (if not a headache or head case) everywhere he\’s been and Chris Wilcox was the player that Radmanovic wasn\’t even though he got the MLE he wanted.

In other words, I wouldn\’t move Jason for this package if the Lakers gave me all of Staples to go with it. It is the unwanted contracts that Kupchak wants to lay off on Rod for Jason. No thanks, Mitch!

I\’d rather the Nets keep Jason and if he agitates, move him to New York, Miami, Atlanta, Minnesota or Milwaukee for some real value rather than play this game with the Lakers, et al. Talk about insulting offers?

Vescey also has Cleveland, Dallas and Denver in the mix for Jason\’s services. What are they offering? Same old kreplach.

What\’s on the table? A: Drew Gooden [flawed], Erick Dampier [damp] … get this … an \”almost rehabbed\” Nene [I didn\’t like the old version] and/or Marcus \”Gumby\” Camby [the Nets already have Swat] versus the \”new\” K-Mart [Knee-Mart].

Gee, what do they all think? … That Rod\’s a deperate fool? …

For my money, I can easily see Jason remaining in the Meadowlands for the rest of his career. Maybe Kobe or LeBron will opt to play with him one summer?

You can\’t also discount the possiblity that the Nets might mature into a contender faster than the Lakers do. Look at Kobe\’s contentment-quotient now?

If nothing else, J-Kidd can be extended when his pact expires for Stockton-like money. Why should New Jersey accommodate him by sending him to a so-called \”contender\” for inferior talent and bad contracts?

Jason\’s going to have to play in the \”Swamp\” a lot longer before he gets his wish. He may learn to appreciate it. Marcus Williams could prove to be another Deron Williams before it\’s all over.

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