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NJN@BOS 11.14.07

Beantown Massacre – Part II

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

Boston 91, Nets 69

Boston, MA, Nov. 14 —Still \’licking their wounds\’ from a stinging, last-second defeat at the hands of the Hornets in the Meadowlands on Monday, the New Jersey Nets traveled to Boston Wednesday in a showdown with the high-flying Celtics for early-season bragging rights to the Atlantic Division.

In what should have been a \’payback\’ event for the \’hurt\’ Boston put on New Jersey the last time these two teams met, this contest ended not much differently than before. Boston prevailed, 91-69, and widened the victory margin to 22 points. In fact, it was a statement game by the \’gang-in-green\’ that they are back … and that they are for real! The Celtics will, indeed, be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference … and its Atlantic Division … this season. Nets\’ fans have to get used to that!

The good part for the Nets\’ faithful is that their beloved team was able to stake itself to a nine-point lead behind Jason Kidd\’s hot hand early into the second quarter before succumbing. It means they can hang with the Celtics and beat \’em for a while before \’giving up.\’ Watching the game carefully, it was as though the Nets stopped playing-to-win … or caring-about-the-ultimate-outcome-of-the-contest … during the second quarter … when they were up about nine. A \’sleeping sickness\’ that befalls the psychologically defeated seemed to set in. That seemed to be the case save except for rookie PF/C Sean Williams, PG Jason Kidd and, perhaps, a few others. Why the \’sleeping sickness\’ set in at that point is a mystery.

Although the Nets were only down by two points at the halftime break – and eight after three – things began to unravel relatively quickly thereafter. The Celtics busted it wide open in the middle of the fourth and that, essentially, was \’all she wrote.\’ Still, the psychological turning point for New Jersey seemed to be when they couldn\’t push their lead beyond nine points early in the second quarter. They were up 27-16. There was opportunity to do so. Boston seemed on the ropes. Instead, the Nets seemed to just psychologically \’give up.\’*

Net\’s fans can take heart in the fact that rookie PF Sean \”Swat\” Williams demonstrated that he can play the game. In 28 minutes, he had 14 points, 7 rebounds and four blocked shots. If he succeeds to a starting role and can average those kinds of numbers on the season, the Nets would be very pleased, indeed. Tempering that enthusiasm is the fact that the Nets seem to be getting what they drafted: A defensive specialist that can block shots. Sean\’s offensive game is limited. He needs to develop his shooting ability from range and at the free-throw line. Maybe earning a starting role will help him do just that.

[Digression of Note: At this juncture, all of the Nets \’bigs\’ can\’t \’hit the side of a barn\’ from the \’charity stripe.\’ Don\’t they want to benefit from the largesse of their opponents?]

In the process of making their \’statement,\’ the Celts\’ James Posey was the designated \’intimidator\’ for Boston this evening. Last time, Vince Carter was the victim. Now it was Darrell Armstrong.

Poor backup Point-Guard Darrell Armstrong. He got knocked to the ground. He went unconscious for a while. It happened as he was hustling down-court. Darrell ran into SF James Posey who was waiting for him with a football-style-blocking-forearm posture that sent shivers down my spine.

The collision was reminiscent of running into a Mack truck. I thought Darrell needed a personal injury lawyer after finally rising to his feet. He was clutching his side. I\’m sure I speak on behalf of all fans hoping that he\’s all right. [The latest is that Darrell Armstrong will be out 2-4 weeks with a severe thigh contusion. Check the comments section below for any updates.]

If that were not enough, the Celtics just shredded the Nets in the critical fourth quarter. The Nets were a \’shell\’ of their former glory against the now formidable Celts.

There were many highlights to focus on if you\’re a Celtics\’ fan. That includes the emergence of second-year man PG Rajon Rondo at the point. He played particularly well directing the traffic and orchestrating the show. 13 points (on 6-9 shooting) from the floor to go with 5 assists and four rebounds in thirty minutes of play isn\’t too shabby for this exciting young player.

C Kendrick Perkins, another Celtic forgotten in the glow of the \’big three (Garnett, Pierce and Allen),\’ also played solidly. He finished with 10 points, 8 rebounds and four blocked shots in thirty minutes as well. His stat-line was not unlike Sean Williams.\’

When your fourth and fifth players are as good as the Celtics\’ young ones are, they make the veteran \’big three\’ flourish. That\’s exactly what transpired again this evening.

Even reserves like Tony Allen (13 points) and Glen \”Big Baby\” Davis (3 rebounds and a blocked shot in 9 minutes) got into the act. Both contributed to the winning effort in one way or the other.

It should be said that Davis was embarrassed early on by fellow rookie Sean Williams, who blocked one of his shots and embarrassed more than one Celtics\’ player on this cool November evening in beantown. Davis got payback later, however, stuffing Sean when he least expected it. It was on a close range attempt [by Sean Williams] to put back an errant shot for his \’mates. It happened on this sobering evening for New Jersey.

Sean Williams\’ highlights included a spectacular rim-hanging, alley-oop put-down off a top-of-the-key feed from Jason Kidd … AND … a full court … caught you from behind … out of nowhere … swat of a layup attempt by PG Rajon Rondo … that must still have Rajon \’shaking his head.\’

Notes: Richard Jefferson, once again, led all scorers with 21 points, but he did it on 7-of-19 shooting from the floor. He also tallied 6 rebounds and three assists.

Jason Kidd flirted with another triple-double before ending with 19 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and a steal. Still, it wasn\’t enough.

The Celtics, by contrast, had balanced scoring throughout. All the starters scored in double digits. None less than 10 points – nor more than 16.

Of critical note, the Celtics managed to take the ball away from the New Jersey Nets fifteen times. That\’s right, they recorded 15 steals! New Jersey had a scant: 4.

Antoine Wright did a respectable job shutting down Ray Allen who only scored 14 points on 4-of-14 shooting on the night. The problem is, that in 40 minutes of play, he only scored a sum total of 4 points (albeit it was on 1-of-3 shooting). Apparently, he wasn\’t able to pose much of an offensive threat to the Celtics as Vince Carter might have.

Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar, playing out of position at the PF slot, was repeatedly stripped of the ball and couldn\’t get anything going. He never found a rhythm.

Coach Lawrence Frank seems to still be experimenting with \’big man\’ combinations this early in the new season. C Nenad Krstic (2 points in thirteen minutes on 1-of-5 shooting from the floor) couldn\’t make anything happen. He doesn\’t look like he did last year before he went down. He needs to get his game back and let others have his minutes while he\’s doing that.

Malik Allen has traditionally been a spot player. He missed all five shots in 22 minutes of play, but managed six rebounds. If he can\’t get it done, he should also sit in favor of others that can.

New Jersey was without SG Vince Carter and PG Marcus Williams, who are both out rehabbing from foot injuries. Get well soon!

NBASCOUT is an independent freelance sportswriter that covers the NBA and the New Jersey Nets. He is not affiliated with the National Basketball Association. Copyright 2007 by NBASCOUT, all rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written consent of the author. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily this website. You may e-mail NBASCOUT in care-of his wife, who writes for children, at

ORL@NJN 11.16.07

The surging Orlando Magic routed the hapless Nets last night at IZOD Center. The final score: 95-70.

After starting the season 4-1, the Nets have now lost four straight. By contrast, the surging Magic (8-2) are winners of three in a row after last night\’s victory over New Jersey (4-5).

Once again, the Vince Carter-less Nets couldn\’t mount anything offensively against the Stan Van Gundy coached Magic even though the defense played well in spurts. It was more or less a repeat of the blowouts the Nets had experienced at the hands of others as of late.

Excessive turnovers (22) and very poor shooting all around — 25-84 (.298) from the field last night — continue to plague New Jersey. Coaching moves like Bostjan Nachbar for Nenad Krstic in the starting lineup didn\’t make much of a difference.

The Nets get to try it all over again tonight at the IZOD Center where tip-off is at 7:30pm. The opponent will be The Miami Heat who are coming off a one-point loss to the Boston Celtics after getting star Point-Guard Dwayne Wade back for the first time.*

WAS@NJN 11.8.07

Swamp Thriller

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

New Jersey 87, Wizards 85

East Rutherford, NJ, Nov. 8 —The Wiz invaded the Meadowlands this evening only to leave in a state of shock. They are still winless. WAS falls to 0-4. NJN moves to 4-1.

The Nets dug a deep hole early on, but came back in dramatic fashion from a 20 point deficit to pull out a hard-fought, last-minute victory that left the men-in-blue from Oz reeling. Point-Guard Gilbert Arenas has been blaming \”broken [basket] rims\” around the league for Washington\’s recent woes. Rims don\’t lie! What does he put in his \”Agent Zero\” blog now?
In what was expected to be a warm-up for the \’gang green\’ (e.g., BOS), the Wizards gave the Nets all that they could handle and then some. It came down to last minute heroics in a true \’thriller.\’
Once again, some of the heroes that emerged were Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Antoine Wright. This drama included, however, Bostjan \”Boki\” Nachbar and Jamaal \”Big Cat\” Magloire.*
Like a true thriller, this one was nip-and-tuck in the second half down to the wire. Six lead changes and nine ties later, the Nets came out of it on top. You could not have guessed it from the first quarter, though. The game was on pace to resemble the \’licking\’ that Toronto put on New Jersey the other day. That\’s one reason why it was so dramatic.
Richard Jefferson led all scorers with 25 points including the winning free throws. Vince Carter followed with 24 (\’breaking out of his shell\’) with a robust stat line that included a critical steal for a crucial basket late in the fourth. Both were making \’big plays\’ all over the place … All night. That carried the team and kept New Jersey in it when all looked bleak.
Jason Kidd was his usual spectacular self with 10 dimes and 8 boards. His thigh contusion didn\’t seem to bother him too much.
Early season revelation — Antoine \”Toine\” Wright — Continued his heady play during \’crunch time\’ by making a tomahawk baseline jam that brought no less than Richard Jefferson out of his seat. It accompanied a tenacious display of hustle on both sides of the ball that included diving to the floor for a critical \’loose ball,\’ digging it out and smartly calling \’time\’ before it became a \’jump ball.\’ \’Toine didn\’t know what else to do! Well, what a smart play?
If that weren\’t enough, relatively unsung heroes of late sprung into action. Boki Nachbar (14 points in 19 minutes) played some good D as he knocked down some big shots from the perimeter and off drives to the hoop to keep New Jersey in it and push the lead. He was making some nifty big plays in many areas. An inside dish to Magloire for the alley-oop slam when it looked like Boki would put it down himself really ignited the crowd. But what really got his mates and the crowd going was a triple-pump, head fake under the glass from the Power Forward slot … For a sweet bucket … High off the glass! Both were definitely highlight reel material in a game filled with it.
Last, but not least, Jamaal Magloire\’s tough interior play was utterly crucial to the Nets\’ victory. Without Jamaal, the Nets don\’t win! For all his rust … And areas of play that need work … He was the tough inside presence that kept the Nets in it. His rebounding was critical. When he gets his hands on a ball for a rebound, it remains his. The Big Cat\’s paw is real. That\’s something the Nets have been missing for years now. He tallied 12 rebounds in 28 minutes.
Special mention goes to the entire Nets\’ squad, though, because without everyone\’s effort, the team doesn\’t win. That includes Nenad Krstic, Darrell Armstrong (great Q4 steal), Malik Allen and even Rookie Sean Williams.
[Digression of Note: the team\’s radio announcers have recently been calling Darrell Armstrong: \”Brandon Armstrong.\” I understand the confusion until they \’get it straight,\’ but it grates on my nerves for this to happen because it reminds me that had New Jersey drafted SF Richard Jefferson, PF Zach Randolph and PG Gilbert Arenas with their three first round picks in the year that they instead took Richard Jefferson, Jason Collins and Brandon Armstrong, the Nets would likely be looking at a dynasty. More importantly, there would be no Gilbert Arenas in WAS … And no Zach Randolph in NYK! Catch my drift …? (With apologies to Nets\’ management who are among the best and couldn\’t possibly be expected to be clairvoyant. Also, with apologies to Jason Collins who is a fine player in his own right and a defensive specialist.)]
Once again, this was a memorable battle. The Atlantic will be no \’cake-walk\’ anymore. The rivalries are going to \’heat up.\’
Notes: Here is a mystery. Does anybody know what Jason Kidd was saying to Gilbert Arenas when it was all over? Maybe it was something like: \”Keep on blogging. Your mojo is coming back!\”*

The Nets slight edge in rebounding (39 for NJN to 37 for WAS) was a difference-maker as were their margin of assists (23 for NJN to 16 for WAS). None the less, a lot of this game didn\’t show up in the final boxscore. There were the intangibles, for example. The moxie and mental toughness that NJN displayed only comes with experience. It is about continuity of playing time with one another.
Jamaal Magloire\’s +28 plus/minus rating was by far the best followed by Antoine Wright\’s +9 and Bostjan Nachbar\’s +8. By contrast, the closest +/- ratings of the regular starting cast for the entire New Jersey squad were Jason Kidd\’s and Vince Carter\’s at +5 and +3, respectively. Richard Jefferson, who won the game in the closing seconds with his perfect free-throw shooting (12-of-12) … And who has made all but one free throw so far this young season … [46-out-of-47 (.978)] … registered a mere mortal: -1.

It\’s no accident that NJN started coming back from twenty points down when Magloire was on the floor. This was one of the few games where every play was important. It was truly a team effort.

*Mystery Solved: \”A Lot of Talking with RJ — Actually, we were talking about my knee. He was telling me I need to get a second opinion because I shouldn\’t be getting it drained this early on in the season. It was the same thing that me and Jason Kidd talked about after the game on the court. He said that I should get a second opinion and I shouldn\’t be playing so many minutes early. He said that it\’s the same thing that some of these players come back from. He had microfracture surgery, so he knows. His injury was worse than mine so he knows you have to take your time coming back.\” — As quoted from: It Was a Bad Shot by Gilbert Arenas
Posted Nov. 9, 2007 in his
Agent Zero: The Blog File

NBASCOUT is an independent freelance sportswriter that covers the NBA and the New Jersey Nets. He is not affiliated with the National Basketball Association. Copyright 2007 by NBASCOUT, all rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written consent of the author. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily this website. You may e-mail NBASCOUT in care-of his wife, who writes for children, at

Nets Beat Atlanta 87-82

The Nets prevailed against the Atlanta Hawks tonight at IZOD Center. The final score: 87-82.
Once again, Antoine Wright played a major role down the fourh quarter stretch. He finished with 15 points and 7 rebounds. Is he the Nets\’ new closer?
Richard Jefferson had another sterling game leading all scorers with 25 points. The balance of the team played well enough … to win!*

Nets Name Vandeweghe GM

Nets Name Vandeweghe GM

By: NBASCOUT / Special to

In a much anticipated move, the Nets made their best signing of the offseason so far by announcing today that they\’ve extended and promoted Special Assistant Ernest Maurice \”Kiki\” Vandeweghe, III to the position of New Jersey Nets\’ GM. As per team policy, details of the contract were not disclosed.

Thus ends the talent search to fill the position vacated by the popular former GM Ed Stefanski who moved over to Philadelphia. It can be said that \”Kiki\” earned his promotion on the basis of a strong showing in the New Jersey-Dallas transaction which brought Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop and others along with picks and cash to New Jersey in exchange for the venerable, but discontented all-Star, PG Jason Kidd.

It is ironic that the newly appointed Nets GM Vandeweghe now finds himself at the very helm of a team he once tried to sign talent away from – during the well meaning but ill-fated all-Star Kenyon Martin acquisition era down in Denver. He took former Knicks\’ GM Scott Layden for PF Antonio McDyess. Rod let Kiki have K-Mart. Now Kiki works for Rod. Perhaps, it is the Karmic \”circle of life\” that brought Kiki to New Jersey and soon to be Brooklyn?

In any event, congratulations to Kiki on the promotion. Kudos to the Nets organization … starting with Rod … and ending with ownership … on this meaningful move. The Nets\’ investment in their braintrust has already paid dividends. The future of Nets\’ basketball never looked brighter!*


It should be noted that the idea by Kiki Vandeweghe to acquire someone like Kenyon Martin for Denver in exchange for three relatively low first round picks was a good one given the Nuggets\’ needs at the time. It just didn\’t work out because of Martin\’s knee problems. That is something that then-Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe could not anticipate. Nor could Nets President Rod Thorn or he wouldn\’t have offered Martin some $82mil to re-up. Imagine New Jersey stuck with a hobbled Martin?

The first round picks that New Jersey received in exchange for Martin were not much in that they were relatively low. Rod and Ed made something out of them in-trade and the draft. In the end it worked out for New Jersey and blew up in Kiki\’s face. Maybe Kiki\’s trade of McDyess to Scott Layden sealed Layden\’s fate? It cost him his job much like Kiki\’s acquisition of Martin.

NBASCOUT is an independent freelance sportswriter that covers the NBA and the New Jersey Nets. He is not affiliated with the National Basketball Association. Copyright 2008 by NBASCOUT, all rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written consent of the author. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily this website. You may e-mail NBASCOUT in care-of his wife, who writes for children, at